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Kim Klein is a photographer living, working, and playing in the sun-kissed Front Range of Colorado.

The story of how I became a photographer is a short one.  I was sitting at my desk in my office in the Psychology department, thinking about how my hobbies were starting to take too much time away from my job, and I realized that the real problem was, in fact, that my job was taking too much time away from my hobbies.  Fast forward through a few years of carrying gear, working for free, awesome workshops, camera upgrades, dozens of weddings, and hundreds of thousands of shutter clicks, and most importantly countless incredible people, and we get to today.  I am a wedding photographer

When I'm not looking through my lens, I like to fill my day with all the fun things. You can probably find me hanging around the stables with my horse Fern, cooking up my at-home versions of wedding food, playing pool and sipping on a sour beer at a nearby dive bar, or having some quality mom+cat time while listening to the latest and greatest podcast.  I am a firm believer that life is too short to be boring! 

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The Choice City (aka Fort Collins), CO
+1 847 561 0701

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